Lamp Dilemma

posted on: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am exhausted.
I am exhausted because Punk has not been sleeping well the past few days.
I am exhausted because we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the AM for Punk to get his tubes put in.
I am exhausted because I laid awake half the night thinking about this lamp (if you like it there is a tutorial)...

O.K. maybe it wasn't have the night, but close. I love this lamp, however, I hate the lampshade. I keep thinking that the shade is too big and I am not digging the color combo. I think that it is too much.

Sooo, I am thinking about fixing it...again.

Here's the deal. I want need help!!

These are the colors that I am going to do in our masterbed room. My vision is white bedding with pillows and accessories that match these colors, PLUS some yellow accents to give some added flare.

What do you think??? Be honest I can take it.

What should I do about the lamp shade? I was thinking about maybe doing one like this:

I would love any suggestions. And don't forget to come back tonight for the Spunky Junky Giveaway!

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  1. I think you should do the lampshade in white rosettes. The base of the lampshade is fairly bold, especially with the other colors you have going on. If you did a white rosette covered shade, it would be simple and go really well with your bedding.

  2. hard to choose! Although, as much as I love the rosette shade, I would probably pair a textured base like that with a bold pattern (like polka dots or french stripes) as opposed to a competing texture (like the roses)...but that's just me :)
    Something tells me you will pick out something gorgeous just the same!

  3. I like the rosettes, because it will add a feminine touch to it, and do them all in one solid color. That way, you can match that material and pattern to make your own pillows. That way it all gets tied in together.

  4. I agree that the shade needs to change. I like your idea of the white rosettes. Something light that will make the shade not look so huge. Great ideas!

  5. Hey! I found you over at Olivia Renn and knew I wanted to be friends as soon as I saw your comment about ninjas. haha.

    I LOVE the idea of those colors on white bedding so I agree with kambrie...maybe this could be one of your accent yellow pieces with a simple white shade?

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  7. I love the rosettes. But I also like keeping it simple. If you were to go with a solid color around the lamp shade, you could add the rosettes over that to creat a polka dot effect. That way you get to do both, but your not over doing it.


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