{My House Monday} There is something about traveling...

posted on: Monday, January 17, 2011

There is something about traveling that just turns my life upside down for a few days once I get home. I have this bad habit of cleaning my house before I leave. I guess I like the feeling of walking into a clean house once I come back from a long trip.

I love being able to walk into my bedroom, throw my bags and bags or junk on the floor and then just fall into my bed and think, "ahhhh, I am home."

However, big emphasis on the HOWEVER, this sweet peaceful feeling doesn't last long. As soon as the bags begin to open, my house turns into the latest episode of Hoarders.

I wasn't lying. really. my house becomes a chaotic mess of clothes, bags, shoes, food, random tourist junk, and a plethera of papers and mail.

The peaceful ambiance of "ahhhh I am home" has officially faded into a pile of dirty socks.


  1. I clean my house before leaving, too!

  2. such peaceful bedding! Love the colors

  3. I get the same feeling! After our trip back from spending a month in Michigan, I almost cried to see my wee little sparkly clean house...it was comforting. Then I let the trolls in....sigh...oh well.


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