{Smilin' Sunday} Punk's favorite toy

posted on: Sunday, January 9, 2011

When Punk was about four months old he weened himself off of his binkie.
cry. sob.
Hunk  says that, "It's better that he is done with the binkie now versus having to take it away from him when he is three."
sob again.
I loved the binkie, it was a babysitter, comforter, and a quiet maker.

So how ecstatic was I when he found an new comfort toy?!
sob again. joyful sob.
 I thought his comfort toy would be a blanket, a car, or a teddy bear. Nope, Punk carries around a little red bag that once had "coal" gum inside of it.

He has found a new best friend. I have received a few minutes of quiet time.
sob of joy.


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