{That's us Thursday} Hunk's Aversion to Photos...Kind of....

posted on: Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fact: Hunk has an aversion to cameras and picture taking and family photos and smiling properly.
  Case in point.

On our little roadtrip to Casper last week I made the drive through the great State of Wyoming bearable as I took pictures of Hunk. He didn't find it humorous.
Ironically, all the pictures that I do have of him smiling in some way include dead animals.

Except for these ones of course.
Helloooo Hunk where have you been all my life?
Oh yes, back to the roadtrip. Hunk made me stop taking pictures of him, so I turned to other glamorous things, such as my shoes, yes, my shoes. Aren't the elephants lovely?

And word of advice, if you are trying to go North, make sure to take the right exit, no, I mean left exit. Yes, that right. See the confusion?

Well, that's us folks.


  1. haha...awesome post & pictures, and I MUST say this: I was born in Casper Wy so when I read this...it made me all excited!!! I still have friends and family there and in Jackson Hole and Riverton...how cool is that? We usually go once a year or so to visit!!! :)


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