The most awkward feeling in the world....

posted on: Friday, March 4, 2011

So there are alot of "awkward" moments in life

Using the public bathroom with someone else in the next stall...awkward
Having a conversation with my OB-GYN, yeah...awkward
Calling someone by the wrong name--for a year....awkward
Thinking I am being checked out, only to realize I had food in my teeth...awkward
People picking their shnauzes in public...awkward
Having a wedgy in public...more uncomfortable then awkward.
 Putting on my boots 356 MILES FROM CIVILIZATION to only find out that they are TWO different sizes....awkward and uncomfortable....and I have to wear them for 3 days. Folks, this will be a memorable weekend.

Plus I get to spend the next three days with my two favorite snow bunnies...

AND check out our digs for the weekend..we rollin'...except for no cell service.


  1. Nice. That is SO something Josh would pull on me!

  2. your snow buddies are really good that awkward?


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