{that's us thursday} depriving oneself is no fun....

posted on: Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Friends, welcome to another {that's us thursday}!

For those of you new to my lil' blog, Thursdays are when you get to learn a bit more about Hunk, Punk, and myself. Yep, you get to be a part of the embarrassing, breathtaking, tear-jerking, horrific details of our lives.

Enjoy {and if you are new, "WELCOME!"--don't be scared I don't bite} buahahaha.


Well, Lent started yesterday. Even though I am not Catholic I am still a sucker for any excuse for self-improvement.  I have learned that whenever I jump on the self-improvement bandwagon I am always depriving myself of something--food, tv, pop, fast food, internet, shopping, shoes, chocolate. yeah, I deprive myself of all the good stuff.

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fact: deprivation is not my thing...especially when it comes to candy

I usually last five days and then I give in. I hang my head in shame. So I have decided that I am going to change Lent this year (can I do that...)?

Instead of depriving myself this year I am going to inspire myself.
FYI: the message above should automatically qualify me as a Hallmark Card writer...just sayin'

My inspiration: For the next 39 days I am going to run. every. single. day. 

Many, many moons ago I use to be an avid runner. Running was like a  free therapist. I solved my own problems, figured out the answers to my hardest questions, came to terms with bad break ups, and found confidence in myself--all through running. I ran so much that I was even planning on being a collegiate athlete, then somewhere along the way I stopped running...and stopped having boyfriends (haha).  My passion soon turned into college, Hunk, our home, work, and Punk. I love how my life has changed over the last decade, however, I don't love how my body has changed.

So, friends....

NO MORE EXCUSES. I have to do it. no joke. my pants are getting tight and I can't keep using the excuse of post pregnancy fat anymore. Running and I our going to rekindle our passion for each other. ohhhh! ahhhh!

Thanks for letting me rant today. What are your goals for Lent this year? I would love to hear!

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  1. Yeeaah. I want to see pictures of you in all your high school running glory. Because there can never be enough Bulldog spirit on spunky junky. So. Pictures please. You were always so cute with your curly mop top and maroon&gold track outfits.

  2. Que valiente! yo no me atrevo a prometer nada porque carezco de tenacidad, así que lo único que intento es aprender a ser tenaz, luego vendrá lo demás.
    Ánimo! me servirás de ejemplo.

  3. So inspiring! I might have to join you!


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