Friends, I would like you to meet Spunky Junky 2.0

posted on: Sunday, April 17, 2011

So what do you think?!

Of the new blog makeover, of course.

 I keep staring at it. Yep, just staring, that's all. 


Did you notice the new additions to SJ?

 I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. I am really confused though. I know everyone is speaking English, but I have no idea what ya'll are sayin'. What's with all the # an @ signs? If anyone could fill me in I would be eternally grateful.

I am also starting a new series called "Life is Better with Spunk." 

Since starting this blog I have created a rather strict schedule for myself and Punk. It has become so strict  that Hunk can ask me what we did two weeks ago and I know exactly what we did because of my sick, strict schedule. Kind of sad, right?

So the "Life is Better with Spunk" series will serve a two-fold purpose. First, each challenge will help me to get to know you, as my readers, better. I feel that you know a lot about me and I would love to get to know more about you. 

Secondly, I hope by playing along in each of these challenges that I will be able to add some much needed spunk to my life (and hopefully I can add some spunk to yours as well). 

Each challenge will be presented on Wednesday and you (and I) each have a week to finish! Throughout the week feel free to post comment on what you did for the challenge. The following Wednesday, I will showcase some of your stories as well as provide you will the newest challenge. 

 Spunky Junky now has RSS feed. This is for all you RSS lovers, enjoy!


Finally, I want to give a big shout out to Lauren from Blue Lux Design. This chick is amazing. No, not amazing, incredible. Nope, that won't work either.

She is astonishing, awe-inspiring, extraordinary, fabulous, glorious, astounding, great, wonderful....I think I could go on and on. But I will restrain myself and stop.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

She totally channeled her inner Halsey and created a blog that was my exact style and vision. 

So for all of you thinking of re-doing your blog, you definitely need to hit up this chick! Not only are her rates super affordable, but she will also work above and beyond to make sure your blog is totally rockin'!

**I know she is booked right now, but she is totally worth the wait. I promise**

Thanks Lauren aka The Rock um Sock um Bloggin' Super Star!


  1. I LOVE it, it looks great! :)

  2. It looks great. I just joined twitter too, and when you learn what's goin' on, will you teach me? Will go and "follow" you right now.

  3. Looks fabulous! So fun, fresh & hip!

  4. Love your new look! Can't help you with Twitter. I'm probably the last person on earth who doesn't have Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff....Am I the only one? Hmmm....

  5. Looks pretty RAD! I don't do the twitter thing, it moves too fast for me to keep up!

  6. Halsey! Everything is gorgeous!
    As far as Twitter goes..... a # is a " hashtag". Twitter has these "groups" that are defined with a hashtag eg #stupidthingsido, so by adding that hashtag your twitter becomes a part of a larger group twitter about stupid things people do.

    The @ is to designate that you're referring/talking to someone eg) @Alexdwong really hope to see you on the next season of SYTYCD or @mrcraigrobinson I love watching u on the office!

    I hope that helps. I don't twitter because I don't think anyone is that interested in my uber boring life!

  7. I just joined twitter a couple weeks ago. It's kind of frustrating at first, but then it gets...okay - lol. I'm still trying it out.

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  8. LOVE the new look! Its so fun! :)

  9. I like the new design! I think once you give Twitter a whirl, you'll get into it. I don't read all the tweets of everyone we follow, all the time but I always reply to replies and get excited when someone replies to us! I like conversation :)

  10. Everything looks amazing! I'm loving your blog! I came across it via your shoebox art and was instantly smitten. I would love to share the link with my readers if you didn't mind.

  11. The new design looks awesome!! So glad you joined Twitter. It's a lot of fun. Going to go follow you on there now. :) xoxo

  12. Good new design! I like it a lot.

    The hashtags on Twitter (#) are used so you can follow conversations easily. For instance, I use tweetchat to follow the #yalitchat conversation every Wednesday night. I follow the #yalitchat hash, so anyone who uses that tag shows up in my feed, even if I don't follow them. Or sometimes they are just used for fun. That's when you get tags like #issocuteimgonnadie

    @ replies are for replying to people. So, if you wanted to send something directly to me, you would write @rachelbateman blah, blah, blah. that way, anyone who follows BOTH of us sees it, but it will stand out to me, so I know you are talking to me. People who only follow you won't see it, since it is directed to me. However, if you put anything in front of the @, everyone in your feed can see it. So if you want to draw your followers' attention to another user, make sure you put a period (or something) in front of their @name.

    There you go...quick Twitter crash course. It is quick to catch on.

  13. Hey Halsey! The new blog design looks awesome! Love it!
    As far as Twitter- an easy way to follow along is to download Tweet deck. It has columns so you can follow what the people you follow are saying, what people are saying to/about you and hashtags (or groups) you want to keep track of.
    One thing to be aware of is that fridays you will see some people using #FF- that is friend feature friday and people are just giving a shout out to people they know/follow.
    One last thing is that retweeting someone's tweets is considered a nice thing since if you re-tweet something all your followers will see their tweet as well.
    Hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any more questions.

  14. Very cute! I love it :) And don't worry, you'll get used to Twitter, and before you know it you will be addicted. I know, scary... Then after that you will be using "@" signs in everything. Be prepared! lol! Good luck :)

  15. Love the new design! Lauren re-did my blog design too and I am the same as you, just staring at the pretty!! :)


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