{House Guest} Sisters of the Wild West

posted on: Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today we have two very special guests! The Sisters of the Wild West are here to showcase their awesome Easter decorations.
Here are just a few of their projects that totally rock!

Aren't their PB knock off butterfly pillows amazing? You will definitely want to check them out! *********************************************************************************
We are so excited to be guest blogging here at Spunky Junky. 
 Thank you so much for letting us be guest bloggers. 
HI!!  We are Amy and Emily.
We are newbies to the blog world, and we are LOVING every minute of it.  A few facts about us:
*we drink diet dr pepper like water
*we take turns blogging (kind of...its a long story)
*we are highly competitive from playing sports our entire lives
 *we compare notes on who's posts get more attention
*we have 11 kids between us (Amy 4 girls & 2 boys) (Em 5 BOYS)
* We love to craft any chance we get...Especially when we are together!
We thought it would be fun to share some Thrift Store Finds that we spruced up for SPRING.
I started by painting the dark, non spring bunny, all white.  I also painted the frame.
I rubbed on the same formula I used on our bookcase redo
(The bookcase is what our items are sitting on.  You can see it at the bottom of a few pics.)
I glazed the bunny, but decided he needed to Sparkle!!
He looks AWESOME, but he needs something? 
I stole a little egg from my egg garland also from goodwill and glittered it.
I then wrapped the eggs from Hobby Lobby with blue bamboo yarn.
I used a glue gun as I wrapped the yarn around the eggs.
I put them in this birds nestish basket, and they looked great.
A beautiful Easter Vinette on a Budget!
Thank you so much for letting us share our ideas with you today.  Please stop by our blog
Sisters of the Wild West and check out our many other projects.
Don't you just love their thrift store finds? I am a sucker for a good deal.

I have seen a lot of projects using yarn, and I have now been inspired to make some Easter yarn eggs of my own.
Thanks chickas for stopping by--I'm so glad you could come visit Spunky Junky today!


  1. Spunky Junky Blog,

    My name is Crystal and I have a craft blog www.crystalscustomclockscraftsandvinyl.blogspot.com I came across your blog while doing a little surfing tonight and I decided to pass on the stylish blog award to you! Congrats! Everything you need to know is on my blog. I love your meet the peeps sign. I might have to make one.
    Great job on your blog!

  2. Lovely spring + Easter display. I'm going to visit the Sisters!

  3. thanks again for letting us guest post!! looking forward to working together again in the future.


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