Happy Dad Day

posted on: Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad is a real cowboy.
His wardrobe consists of a plethora of cowboys hats, cowboy boots, long sleeve pearl snap shirts, and wranglers.
He's the kind of guy that is up at five every morning to do chores, ride horses, chase cows, and fix fence.
He's the last one in the house at night and when he walks through the front door he has always put in a honest day of hard work. 
He's the kind of Dad that believes in tough love. When we cried he told us to, "buck it up." When we got hurt, "It's far from your heart." When it came to summer vacation he thought it was best that we work everyday and not watch tv.
He is also the kind of Dad that cried when we left for college, bragged to everyone when we accomplished something amazing, and expected more then the best from us each and everyday.
He's also the kind of Dad that is not afraid to embarress his kids in public when he rides a cow in the local Fourth of July parade.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

And what would Father's Day be like if I didn't give a shout out to..
the peanut butter to my jelly
the salt to my pepper
the left to my right
the ying to my yang
the mac to my cheese
the nail to my hammer
the bacon to my eggs
the black to my white
the burger to my fries
the rock to my roll
the spaghetti to my meatball
the bread to my butter....

Happy Father's Day Hunk! You are a rock star Poppa!



  1. Awww, how lucky you are to still have your dad. What a nice post about him. Love the pic of the hubs with new baby. What amazing moments those first ones were, eh? Hope they both enjoy their special day!

  2. Great post Halsey! Your Dad sounds great. "When we got hurt, 'It's far from your heart'." I'm gonna have to remember that-it's fabulous and SO TRUE.

  3. Lol that last pic is so cute! Punk's face cracks me up.

  4. Lol, I thought my Dad was the only one who said things like "you're fine, you have a tough head" and in our house it was "it's a long way from your heart." My Dad was also fond of saying it's good for you to cry, it releases proteins. It's so annoying to try and cry while listening to that! Gotta love our awesome dads. :)


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