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posted on: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last week's challenge was to participate in your community. On Saturday morning Hunk, Punk, and I visited the farmer's market. In our community we have two markets. Each has a completely different feel and environment. 
The Saturday market usually has more produce and because it is in the morning there are many vendors that are selling breakfast type foods. The Tuesday night market has many local restaurents serving dinner, there is also a large line up of local bands playing music.  

I love the culture surrounding the farmers market--the fresh produce, abundance of delicious baked goods, and the amazing handmade products. When I go the farmer's market I fill that I am more in touch with my community when I am purchasing local goods.

How did you participate in your community last week?


This week's challenge is to get out in the sun. Pretty simple and I am sure it is something we all enjoy.


Have fun, and thanks for stopping by to say, "Hi!"



  1. Oh how I miss the Bozeman Farmer's Markets!

  2. You send me the sun and I will GLADLY get out in it!!! Darn NW cloudy skies. It's the end of June for cryin' out loud!


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