Opposites attract

posted on: Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fact: opposites attract.
Fact two: opposites attract, then decide that they should get married, then realize they are opposites after all the papers have been signed.
Fact three: opposites get married, fight like cats and dogs, decide to bring a spawn into the world, still realize they are opposites, but still love each other even though they don't agree with the others habits.
Fact four: Hunk and I are opposites.

Case in point:
He loves meat, I love vegetables.
I cry at chick flicks, he likes movies with guns, explosions, and lots of killing.
He falls asleep at dinner, I stay up 'til one.
I resemble an oompa loompa, he resembles a string bean.
He likes rap, I love country.
I sleep on my back, he sleeps on his stomach.
He takes cold showers, I take steamin' hot showers.
He loves winter, I love palm trees.
I fight emotionally, he fights objectively.
I love Grey's, he loves 24.
I big puffy heart love Mac, he loves PC.
He puts the cap on the tooth paste, I leave it off.
I think Mexico is a vacation, he thinks Alaska is a great getaway.
He loves math, I love english.
I read books, he reads the cereal box.
I like hoarding, he likes throwing away.
He snores. 'nuf said.
I like parties, he hates parties.
I love healthy food, he loves pizza and chips.


It has always been an issue in our house. I prefer the all vegetable kind, while he lives for every animal on the planet to be on top of his pizza.


I am by no means a vegetarian just so ya'll know. I love myself a good steak, but there is something about an all meat pizza that makes my stomach do somersaults.

So to advert the problem of fighting over who gets the choose what type of pizza we eat we have started to make mini pizzas that fit our personal tastes.

These babies are delish my friends.
We have a little trick where we mix parm and mozzerella together and it creates a cheesy goodness that is to die for.
The most important ingredient, though,  is the crust. We buy either flatbread shells (like above) or pitas.
I started using pita shells after I bought Jess Seinfield's Deceptively Delicious cookbook. If you don't have it, go. get. it. now.

It's how I fool Hunk into eating vegetables.

Now I must retire to a dreamy world where I can enjoy my cheesy goodness at 10:30...in the a.m.



  1. Oh pizza. Yum. I could eat melted cheese with any form of starch three meals a day.

  2. This makes me feel so much better about our relationship haha. But honestly, would't it be broing if we only liked the same stuff?!

  3. Too funny! I just made individual pizzas on naan bread the other night for the same reason. :o)

  4. Oh my. Cracking up. I will have to look for those pita shells, but I am the non-veggie person in this household, so I'll skip the cookbook.

  5. I love using Bagel Thins.... it brings me back to high school when I about lived on Bagel Bites.

  6. That entire list is my husband and I to a T!!! (except for the spawn part, we haven't done that yet. LOL) SO glad to know we're not alone in the world of "opposites attract!"
    PS. I love using pita for pizza crusts :)

  7. I enjoyed reading the Opposites section! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Great compromise. We have the exact same situation in our house. I'm on the veggie side with you. :)


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