Simple Reflections Photography Family Session

posted on: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last week we did the whole family photo thing.

You know, that horrific event that your husband complains about for days with the same excuse, "We took a family picture last you." All the while rolling his eyes at the thought of wearing color coordinated outfits picked out by you.

As we left the house to venture out on our family photo soiree Hunk kept saying, "Are ya sure you want to wear that dress?"

I was already irritated at him for complaining 50 times that day and there was no way I was going to step down or give into his suggestion, so I wore the skirt.

I should have given in.

I promise you, my butt really is not the size of Pluto. I somehow sense by putting this picture online it may just make it to an episode of "What Not to Wear..."

Oh, and did I mention my heels? I totally think they compensated for the bad dress. My sister wore these same babies for her wedding and I am in complete ah of how she walked around all day. Yes, they may give me 5 (or 6) inches, but it felt as though I was walking on stilts.

If you can walk in platform high heel shoes, I envy you.

Check them out, they came from this heavenly store.


Our family photo session was so cold and windy. I mean win-deeee.

My hair had a mind of it's own and Punk was a good sport and lasted for about 30 minutes before he finally gave into the freezing conditions and relentless wind gusts smashing into his face.

Rhiannon, our photographer, was so great. She has this beautiful southern drawl that makes you just want to hang onto her every word. Everytime Punk would cry she would see the anxiety building up in our eyes and she would calmly reassure us that he was doing great.

Plus we had a pack of Mentos that kept him quiet for 10 minutes--all of his individuals have this white blob in his mouth (note to self: bring smaller candy next time). 
Seriously though, if you can find a photographer that laughs when you baby is crying and tries to make the most out of a cold situation then you got yourself a winner--and that to me is worth all the moo-lah in the world!

And if any of you lovelies are in the Bozeman area check out Simple Reflections Photography to book your own family photo session--you won't be disappointed ;)

Thanks Rhiannon!

And just so I can drive Hunk insane as he reads this post, what are your favorite family photo color combinations? I need to start planning for next year.


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  1. I loooove family pics and good for you for doing it every year. Now that we have a baby I want to do that. Our Christmas pic was the closest to a annual family pic, and those weren't anything fancy. Those shoes are totally cute BTW =)

    - Sarah


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