posted on: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween in our house is always a two-three day ordeal. It usually involves multiple costume changes and more candy than the stocking stuffer section at Walmart.

This year was less insane.
(worst picture ever...I know)

We did the usual Trunk-or-Treat at our church. Surprisingly, John actually dressed up and went along with the whole "make a fool out of yourself" idea.  John and Brecken were a cute duo, unfortunatley, neither of them would stand still long enough so I could get a picture.  

Over the past month or so I have been really racking my brain on what to make Brecken for Halloween. I knew he needed to be something a little more wild and crazy because there would be no way he could pull off a cutesy chick again with he fiesty attitude.

So I decided on a costume that would be a little more manly. My sister already had a adult dinosaur costume that she made a few years ago so I decided I would make Brecken a twinner with his dad. My mom, bless her heart, made he cute costume that John keeps saying I need to frame.


And with his fiesty attitude making daily appearances it also made me question how much Trick-or-Treating I would let him do.

Usually I take him downtown and we go to all the businesses and get candy (it's a mad house down there) but because of the rain and his need to run away we bagged that idea and decided to just stick around our neighborhood.

Between the Trunk-or-Treat and my sister's office he scored enough candy that I decided to re-give on Halloween night. Is that tacky?

I hope not, because if I would have kept it I can guarantee that I would have a serious dentist appointment scheduled three months from now.

Hope ya'll had a safe Halloween!



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