365 Project: Day 14-15

posted on: Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterday Hunk went fishing while Kelty, Brecken, and I went shopping. Retail therapy is a necessary evil for remaining a sane Momma.

Well I was sane until Brecken decided to dump an entire Orange Julius in his lap while sitting in his stroller. Did I mention we were in a shnazzy boutique when this all went down?

It didn't deter us though, a quick trip to the bathroom, the removal of his pants, and a speedy paper towel clean up of the stroller put us back on track...I am sure I got nasty looks for having my kid out in the middle of January without pants on.

But I chose the leser of two evils: clean diaper versus shake soaked pants.

It also snowed this morning, you would have thought it was Christmas because of Brecken's excitement. I guess the end of nice weather was inevitable.

Keep it real.


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