I assumed, my bad.

posted on: Monday, February 6, 2012

A reader asked me if it is ever difficult living with a man that hunts and fishes all the time.

Here's a post I wrote on our family blog circa October 2010.....

It will explain everything.


So I am trying to find words for the experience I had this morning.

I still can't even begin to describe what went through my head at the exact moment it happened-- panic, embarrassment and complete madness all occurring at one time.

Last night Brecken and I attended the annual pumpkin carving party at the Barnwell abode. Like always, it was delightful and fun. John, however, didn't show up. As usual he was hunting. But much to my relief he did finally kill an elk.  

When he got home he decided rather than taking his elk to a butcher he would quarter it himself in our garage.


Once he finished, however, he came the realization that he needed to do something with the elk carcass. His plan--put it in the garbage can.

Let it be known that I was not fine with this idea.  
For those of you that have never been with a 10 yard radius of an elk let me explain.

They are big, like a cow/horse big.

Our garbage can is not big enough to fit a cow/horse creature in it.

I thought his idea was bad--really, really bad.

John kept barkin' at me because I wasn't being that helpful (because I didn't think his idea was great) so I huffed into the house and as I slammed the door I yelled, "Fine you try to put a square peg in a round hole."

Ten minutes later.

Tap, tap, tap on the front door.

I opened.

John replied, "I put it in the garbage can."

I being a good wife believed him and decided that after all the grief I could forgive him and we could finally go to bed at 2:30 in the freaking a.m.

NO. No. the story is not over.

The next morning when I was getting ready to leave the house this is what I saw as I pulled out of the garage. 


I almost died.

Obviously, I assumed that we both understood what it meant to put something "in" the garbage.

my bad.

I called him right away, trying to remain calm.

"There will be no negotiation. The elk head that has taken up residency in our FRONT yard has to go." 

Furthermore, I tried to explain that there was more than a handful of reasons on why this was soo wrong.

 First, our garbage pickup would not happen until Tuesday and that meant that the head would be sticking out saying "Hi" to everyone for FIVE days. 

 Secondly, Halloween  would be occurring within the five day time frame so of course anyone and their dog that walked up to our house would see the head.

After prodding him for hours on the issue he finally came home and covered the head with a garbage bag, and yes, it still sat out like that for five days.


So an answer to your question, is it difficult living with a hunter?

Need I say more?



  1. I would have died! Its funny in a way, but I'd have freaked out!

  2. Oh my NASTINESS! You are a better woman than I! My husband would be sleeping in the dog house, the garage, or in the same trash can as that animal!

  3. My Husband is the SAME WAY! A HUGE Hunter/Fisher! Throughout this years entire "bird" season our garage, sidewalk and garbage can, were littered with feathers, heads, blood and lord knows what else! The worst was this years SWAN! Since you have to take it's HEAD into the DWLR to get checked, my hubs left it in the GARAGE in a plastic bag, and it blew out of the garage and perched it's self, leaking blood all over the place right in the center of my driveway!
    But the ultimate WORST experience being married to a HUNTER was deer season the 2nd year we were married. My DH wanted to make a Euro Mount and KEPT the deer head in a garbage bag in a COOLER(with no ice!) in our COAT closet, of our TOWN HOUSE, unaware to me, for TWO WEEKS! I could have died! And I think I almost did! But lord knows I love that man. Despite his total lack of comprehending WHY it's NOT OKAY to leave 50 dead ducks or most of a large MAMMAL hanging out of the garbage. I relate to you on SOOOO may levels!

  4. I would have died seeing that in the trash can!! It's funny but it's not....

  5. That's one thing I miss about living in Montana. You never know what you will find in your backyard or in your case your garbage.Ha!


  6. Haha! My husband is an avid hunter and he decided to let the cooler we had carried the meat home in sit out in the sun...on our front porch. Needless to say I did a little dance of joy when he finally removed/cleaned it. Oh the joys of being a hunting widow.

  7. I'm with Jessica... My second question is... Did the garbage people actually take it away??? I'm sure that would get us a fine (if not court appearance for "improperly disposing of animal remains". Wow. You are brave, like a whole new kind of brave and I'm not strickly speaking as an Urban Conversion (I used to be a 'country girl'). I may have nightmares just thinking about that head... :)

  8. OMG i would have died too! just love that blood spill at the bottom there too. EEEEKK! Wonder what the neighbors thought! lol

  9. OMG! I was laughing out loud AT WORK while reading this. I totally feel your pain!! My husband hunts and before his 'man room' we had rattlesnake skins and deer heads hanging in our dining room. Nothing about rattlesnake skins or deer heads starring at me really gives me an appetite.


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