Harrison Lake

posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We spent Saturday afternoon out on the boat.

Listen up folks, this is big news. The daffodils are up and have bloomed, the ice is off the water, and the green grass is making an early appearance.

We might just get lucky and get Spring--during the months of "Spring."

Taking the boat out in the middle of March was the icing on the cake--fresh air, crisp water, and peaceful surroundings made for a relaxing afternoon.

John and I are always a little leery when it comes to taking Brecken out on the water--let's be honest, the kid is kind of a handful so confining him to a boat seems like a prison sentence.

Much to our surprise he was beyond well-behaved--I'll give the credit to a bag of Goldfish and a handful of suckers.

Thank goodness for refined sugars.



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