Popsicles and Tic Tacs

posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday my oh' so favorite pregnant neighbor and I braved the crowds and ventured to a local grocery store for the "Grand Re-Opening." A heavenly place for two pregnant women--lots of samplers, food at ridiculously cheap prices, and no husbands to say "do you NEED that?"

Just two pregnant chicks and baby enjoying oober amazing sales, great shopping, and lots of eating--all.at.the.same.time.

What could be better?!

Brecken was our navigator as we perused the aisles. He would point and gasp at all the boxes and items, yelling out frantically if he knew the name of a certain food. Luckily my heart was sympathetic for him so he managed to score a bag of Popsicles and a box of orange tic tacs--heaven in his eyes.

I haven't had the heart to tell him yet that the Popsicles were actually for his Momma...


Do you have any grocery shopping rituals? Do you take your munchkins? Or is it a solo retreat to re-energize? Please tell--it's more of a rat race adventure in this home


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  1. I'll take the kids if we're just walking over for a few things. BIG grocery shopping is done SOLO. I only go on a weekend when The Dad is home so the kids can stay with him. I've taken them along twice. Both times were a NIGHTMARE. Two hours in a grocery store is waaaaay too long for a 4 and 6 year old. They fight and someone, without fail, always has to pee. Never again. It's Mommy time. :o)

  2. I bring my 3 year old while her sisters are at school. I always make a list because I go to two stores. Plus, I always go first thing in the morning rain or shine. I do not like crowds.

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