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posted on: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's been warm. So warm, in fact, that we have been taking every opportunity to bask in the sun. Brecken has found the hose with its' many nozzle options to be his new best friend.  He'll squirt the tree, truck, grass, street, neighbor's cat, and then occasionally throw one my way just for fun. He's a sneaky fella.

Saturday was no different. We spent lots of time out on the lawn--however, it wasn't nearly as enjoyable. We power raked our entire yard, a task we thought would only take an hour or two, obviously the joke was on us. We finished ten hours later. Six truckloads of dead grass marked a day that I thought would never end.

I really wish I would have taken a picture of our yard while John was powerraking because it resembled a freshly cut hay field (a clean up task that should never be done by hand). 


Soon after the job was finished and all the tools were put away the contractions started to set in and they haven't seemed to stop. Regular intervals of seven minutes.If you need your lawn clean let me know because this baby needs to come out now.

Joking. No, really.



  1. Awe your little man is so cute and lucky you guys for having nice weather. We were spoiled two weeks ago with lovely weather but it has since gone away and it has been in the 502 and 60s but rainy. I cannot wait for the 70s and 80s to just come and stay!! That yard work does not sound like fun however if its going to bring this baby maybe you should ask the neighbors if they want their yard done (;

  2. This could be the next big reality/contest show. How many yards does the mama have to rake before she gives birth! It's gonna be big!


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