Denver Trip

posted on: Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh, I love Denver. The food is amazing, the shopping is endless, and it just seems like there is never enough time to check everything off our "must-see" list. Usually we drive the daunting twelve hours to Denver, but this time we decided to fly and I can say without a doubt it was the best. Decision. Ever. We were there in an hour-and-a-half and Brecken and Addison were both asleep before we left the tarmac on both flights.

Ultimately, we've come to realize that vacations are less about us and more about the kids---with 23 grand-kids and two more on the way, most of the time we spend with John's family usually involves a lot of "kid-oriented" activities. So we made the most out of our short trip and made a point to hit some of the fun hot spots in the Denver area. 

The Denver Aquarium and Zoo were were at the top of our list. Have you been to the new elephant exhibit at the zoo yet? You really have to go. It is amazing and it feels like you are in Disneyland. Even though Denver was on Day number 21 of weather in the 90's we still tried to explore all the exhibits at the zoo. 

We also saw a Rockies game and we were lucky enough to have a suite, so while the guys watched the game out on the balcony we also got to enjoy the opening ceremony of the Olympics. What did you think? I give them a five out of ten. The highlight was Sir Rowan Atkinson's clever theatrics. Denver was great as always and it was nice to finally to be in the vicinity of "luxuries" such as fast food, shopping, and pools. 

Thanks, Denver. Keep it real. 


  1. my friend once "managed my expectations" as we say in corporate about holidays with kids. Same circus different tent :)

    i love the pic of that red umbrella - gorgeous colour and composition!

  2. I'm a Denver Mama and would LOVE to know where this is? It looks amazing!!

  3. Hey Emma, the park is in aurora....h

  4. Hey Emma, the park is in aurora....h


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