posted on: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I will savor the squeals and laughter coming from my bubbly boy during gymnastics. 
I will cuddle and mug on my little bean.
I will open a door for a stranger.
I will tackle the dirty laundry which seems to be breeding like rabbits in my hallway.
I will layer my lashes in a new mascara.
I will turn off the television and build castles with Brecken.
I will take my animated duo to the park.
I will kiss John. 
I will find some new inspiration for Fall. 
I will relish in the beauty of now.

What will you do today?


  1. This was beautiful, as your those blue eyes

    Today I will begin the journey of costuming a new play, and I will not let it become the focal point of my life!

  2. Love this....everything about it!

  3. I love Brecken's face in the kissy picture! Priceless!

  4. Dito to Cheri's comment! Love it :)


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