Happy Birthday.

posted on: Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three years. Has it really been that long? It seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into this world under less than ideal circumstances. You survived because you are strong. It's one of your most defining characteristics. You have a strong mind, and a vibrant personality and you have very strong opinions for such a young age mixed with a heart that is so loving and kind. It seems silly to think of life before you. Those things I used to fill my days now seem so superficial compared to now. Motherhood has become the most rewarding life I could have ever asked for--and it is all because of you. 

Sometimes I lay by you as you sleep wondering why God gave you to me? God must have known I needed you.  Deep down I hold a special place for you in my heart, two kindred spirits that share a common bond as first-borns as well as the same temperament and personality--I am sure I will regret it though when you're eighteen. But for now I savor your spit-fire mannerisms and continuous bursts energy. Thank you for making me into the person I never knew I could be. 

My little boy, my love is without bounds for you. Happy Birthday B. 


  1. Happy birthday!! My little girl just turned 3 last month. The time goes so fast. I love kids at this age, they are so much fun!!

  2. С днем рождения! Здоровья и счастья!!!


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