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posted on: Thursday, March 14, 2013

//out there//

//in here//

I really should have titled this post "That one time where my house was so dirty that playing outside became the cleaner option." I'll be the first to admit there is a direct correlation between my stress level and the cleanliness of our house. John would argue that I'm naturally prone to making piles (silly him, he just can't understand my sense of organization :)).  I recently took over as the Event Coordinator for Relay for Life in our area and what once seemed like a voluntary position has become a non-paying full-time job. No complaints here, I'm busy and productive while supporting a wonderful cause that is near and dear to John and me. Albeit, my house has suffered--dishes with days-old food lay strewn across the kitchen counter, while lifeless heaps of clothing lay scattered amidst toys and dried-out baby wipes (mind you, the clothes were clean at one point). Bottles, train tracks and remnants of once viable crayons can be sporadically found throughout the house while a pile of dirty diapers still sit on  the floor of the nursery (you guys, it's nasty). 

The kids and I finally couldn't take it and busted through the filth to the safe haven of outside earlier today. I'd like to say we were taking a mindless adventure of sorts but in reality the mounding piles and the elusive stench resonating in the hallway were more than I could handle at the moment. With Addison nestled safely in the stroller and Brecken in tow we settled for rock gathering and duck chasing to pass the time (who knew fresh air could be so invigorating)! It turned out to be a fine alternative to the eminent clean-up awaiting me at home.

But I suppose all good things must come to an end. Any takers on helping me tackle my crime scene of a home? 


  1. I'll do yours if you do mine. :) Your counter looks exactly like mine does every single day. We don't have a dishwasher and there are ALWAYS dirty dishes. I swear I get one load done and there's another one waiting for me. Argh.
    You take the best pictures, btw.

  2. It's amazing how even your pictures of a mess are pretty!

  3. Such great pictures... tells such a story :)

  4. Real. Life. ... Thanks Halz! We're glad we aren't alone in this thinking!

    1. Thanks Josie! A dirty house means happy kids, right?


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