{Thrifty Thursday} A Free Canvas Wrap....yes, FREE

posted on: Thursday, October 14, 2010

About a month ago we decided, well actually I decided, that we needed family photos. Need is a strong word, but necessary. Hunk refused to take them once punk was born, then refused at Easter, 4th of July, yahda yahda--you get the point.  I literally had to bride him to take some family pictures. Then I had to wrangler my punk into a clean outfit. Who, by the way, is crawling, grabbing, eating, AND attacking everything that comes in contact with his tiny hands. So after finally wrangling punk, bribing hunk and squeezing myself into a pair of pants that only fit with the help of Spanx we finally managed to get the photos taken.

Once the photos were taken I knew I wanted to print them on a canvas wrap. (I hear they are the new rage). HOWEVER....wraps are expensive. Let me repeat it: expensive, expensive, expensive.

So my ideas of having this picture on a beautiful canvas disappeared when I knew that I needed to weigh the costs: canvas vs. diapers. Yeah, well you know which choice won.

Anyway, yesterday I was doing my daily blog stalkin' and came across an offer to good to pass up on Tatertots and Jello.

Let me emphasize how great this offer is because it is --FREE! FREE! FREE!

Right now The Canvas People are offering a promotion for a free 8x10" wrapped canvas! What a thrifty deal! I ended up doing an 11x11" canvas instead and I paid only $8.99!

The best part is that every additional canvas you order after that is 50 percent off! No joke, I saved over $170 dollars on my order.

Now, I can have pictures of my lit' punk all around the house.

 I mean who can't love this face? So head on over to The Canvas People before this offer is gone!



  1. WHAT? Have I mentioned that you're AMAZING????? I'm going there now!


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