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posted on: Monday, November 15, 2010

This past weekend we headed to my parents house. Lately, they have been craving a cuddle and squeeze from Punk. I mean, REALLY, it has only been one week since they last saw him...but I guess I will give them a break-Punk is their first gran-baby.

I love going home. I love the quietness, the clear blue skies, and the ability to drive for miles and never see another car. Most that know me would agree that I grew up in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. No exaggeration.

Anyway, my Mom is a collector of everything. Everything that is cool at least. She always manages to find screamin' deals at garage sales and she always stumbles upon the coolest antiques and nic-naks.

While, I was home I raided her collection of treasures and this is what I wanted needed to bring home.  Hunk would call it all junk, I disagree with him...completely~

I love these vintage threads. The colors are so rich and vibrant and the spools are so amazing...and made out of WOOD!

 While at home I stopped at the local thrift store and picked up this ceramic owl for Punk's room. Isn't it adorable?

My mom also has a large enormous gigantic collection of buttons. Around just about every corner in my parent's house is an old mason jar of buttons. Lots and lots of buttons. Can there really be too many buttons? And, I found some OLD OLD exacto blades-lovely, just lovely.

These boots are to die for. Why? Well, first they are burnt orange and lime green. How cool is that? Secondly, my Dad made them! He is a man of many talents! I begged and he finally gave in and gave them to me...I have some awesome plans for these boots...and it involves Christmas! Aren't you excited to see what I do with them, well if not, I am ;)

Lately, I have also had this fetish with glass. Glass apothecary jars, glass candy dishes, glass canisters, and now I get to add these amazing glass bowls and lemon strainer to my collection.

Remember how I said my Mom loves buttons. Well, I wasn't lying...

 So, while my Mom loves buttons, jars, and antiques toys, my Dad loves leather. In his defense he is a saddle maker so of course there would be LOTS of leather in his shop. I figured that I would help him "clean up" the scrap pieces. yeah, I took home a ton of scraps. Aren't these colors cool?

I even managed to make something out of some of his leather while I was home, but you are just going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is...

What are some of the amazing treasures you have found!!! Who knows--I may just feature your blog or website on Spunky Junky if it is just too cool not to share!


  1. Hey... LOVE the owl and the thread spools... I have a question for ya? - Im interested in buying some scrap fresh leather to practice stamping on, do you think he'd be willing to part with some of his scraps??? I can paypal you!! Just let me know... email me @ upstatescgirl1985@yahoo.com Thanks so much!!

  2. Holy cow. YOU hit the motherload. Ah-ha! Get it? *Mother*load? Because you got that stuff from mom? Oh my gosh, I'm hilarious.

  3. Cool!!! LOVE THE BOOTS! :)

    PS - I passed on a blog award to you. :) http://ttscraps.blogspot.com/2010/11/blogger-award.html


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