{Thrifty Thursday} be careful what you pay for...

posted on: Thursday, November 11, 2010

So I was at the thrift store the other day and I came across this pack of doilys. Right away I knew what I wanted to do with them. It's still a work in progress, but don't you worry I will let you in on the plan soon ;)

 I was really excited for this pack because they are about 6 inches in diameter, a size that I haven't been able to find in Bozeman yet.

Sidenote: if you've never been to Bozeman then I will let you in on a secret. If you want awesome good shopping, then go somewhere else. If you want good awesome skiing then stay here.  Don't get me wrong-love the town, hate the shopping.

Anyway, this is the back of the package. I love how in "this era" the doilys were being used as fine dining dinner mats. And the picture cracks me up. The mom looks amazing and perfect, the husband is intently focused on his family versus the television and their kid is actually eating dinner with them and seems pleased to do so. Obviously, this is a picture of my family ;)

Right now, in my home, Punk is crawling around the house without pants on and is eating something off the floor,  Hunk is in a trance watching Deadliest Catch, and me, well, my bangs have decided to go their own direction today, and my shirt is covered in some white gunk that Punk stuck on me. So yeah, I guess this is a picture of my family ;)

I keep losing my focus. Sorry.

 So what is this post actually about?? I think it should be a law that you can barter at the thrift store. Why? Well, if I would have paid more attention to what I was buying then I would have realized I was getting royally gipped. Yes, gipped. It's a techincal term.

Do you see a problem with the picture above?
Look carefully. Very Carefully.

If you don't see it I will explain. This pack of doilys, back in its day, was 2 for  .25 cents or .13 cents a piece. I paid .50 cents.

Yep, I got gipped. Dang it!

However, I did get a laugh at the doily slogan-"We feast with our eyes".

Maybe if I learned to do that I could fit into my skinny jeans again. Just sayin'


  1. Aww, but you're comparing 2010 dollars with...uh...1960 dollars? Don't worry, you got a bargain.
    Did you ever see those chocolate cakes where they put a doily on top, then dust it with powdered sugar? So when you take the doily off, the design is there in sugar? Pretty stuff!

  2. PS--I hope Punk is doing well now!
    I scrolled down and saw the colors you've picked for the bedroom. Gorgeous! I would suggest giving that lamp design some thought, though. All those nooks and crannies in the roses will happily invite in tons of dust, making it a bear to keep clean. You really don't want the extra work, right?


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