{My House Mondays} Checklists are overrated...

posted on: Monday, January 31, 2011

So I had big plans for this past weekend. HA. Don't kid yourself Halsey. Okay, then--third person narrative-- weird. My big plans involved cleaning the D-Day reactment that I call my home. I even had a nifty checklist. It had all the things I needed to do on it with a cutsie little box by each item so when I finished I could put a cutsie little check in it. How many did I check off?


 Task one: clean my closet. nope.
 Task two: grout shower and hang up poor shower curtain which has been on the ground for a month. Net.

 Task three: Clean up Punk's new favorite toys. nada.
Task Four: Clean up the clothes, shoes, straightener, Walmart bag (weird), and counters of my bathroom. Nowayjose'.
Task five: Throw away all the random crap laying around on the floor in our spare bedroom. Hide the buffalo rug that is in the corner. Yep. Psych. It is all still there.
Task six: GROUT the spare bathroom tile. no, but it does have a shower curtain so at least we can pretend we are clean, civilized human beings.

So there you have it, my nothing accomplished weekend....except for the new blog look...yep, got that done. I also managed to go for the last 72 on nothing but pizza, hot wings, 7up, and a two day old juice box.

Reality is a dirty deal....just sayin'


  1. I love this post! Your messes and lack of completing a weekend checklist is the reality for most REAL people. I embrace you!

  2. Your productiveness looks about how my productiveness looked this weekend.

    Of course since we had the *intent* to tackle some stuff, that counts for something right? -But you did have a cutsie checklist... which shockingly I did not have, so you get double pts. for that.

  3. None of my to-do's have been done, don't worry.. you're not alone!

  4. The reality of the matter is, you'll get one box checked and little punk will give you a reason to put another box down:) It's never ending.... I could tell you a bunch of things I've been working on for weeks! It is nice to know you and I are not alone! Maybe we should tackle each others houses together!!! :)

  5. Sometimes I write things on my list that I've already done JUST so I can have something to check off. he he he. I'm sneaky and like to trick myself like that. Wake up {check}. Write checklist {check}. Eat food {check}. Watch TV {check}. Sweet.



  6. Hey Halsey! I'm a recently new follower of your blog. love the realness in this post! I wasn't productive this weekend either - luckily for me there is a blizzard heading in my direction and so I'll be snowed-in and able to get some stuff done that I should've done this weekend. Although if I didn't do it this weekend, what would make me do it this week ;)??
    Just thought I'd let you know that I featured you on my weekly Magnificent Blogs post for this week. You should check it out and pick up a button :)

  7. LOL! I totally feel ya on this one! Nothing I had planned for this week has happened yet and it's Thursday! Crap! Good thing I've been keeping up on my blog reading, lol!


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