{Smilin' Sunday}The Magic Behind a Ritz Cracker

posted on: Sunday, January 30, 2011

I can't say when it happened, but my Punk has turned into a toddler.
*He smiles when I call his him name
*He frantically tries to run (and then falls) when I tell him, "I'm gonna get you!"
*He bounces up and down to the sound of music
*He stands in his crib and plays with his mobile
*He refuses to eat when I try to feed him
*He hides during the chasing scenes in Up
*He steals my keys and phone.
*He cuddles when he is sick
*And, last night during a major temper tantrum session where Punk was laying on the ground crying, a ritz cracker had the magical power to eliminate his tears, calm his fiery mood, and bring out those big blue eyes that I melt over everyday.


  1. We have one that is calmed by crackers too. :) My husband and I joke that they are her drug of choice since she "needs" them. LOL


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