{That's Us Thursday} Frequently Asked Questions

posted on: Thursday, January 27, 2011

I now feel like a big shot *cough* (not really), but I got a little giddy when I realized that I finally had enough questions to answer to qualify them as, "frequently asked questions about moi". No, I am not french, but it makes me feel way more sophisticated when I can throw around various languages in the same sentence.

On that same note, Hunk speaks Spanish and I can still kind of speak Russian so occasionally we catch ourselves asking questions in English and then responding to each other in either Russian or Spanish. We think it is funny (like we have invented our own language or something)--I am guessing everyone else that listens to us thinks that it is obnoxious. We aim to live on the more obnoxious side anyway.

Awkward pause.


Question and Answer Soiree
Q: "I noticed your hair is not always parted on the same side, why?"
A: Wellllll, first, I can't believe someone actually noticed that little detail. dang. I should probably start covering up my blemishes before ya'll start noticing my lack of makeup. Truthfully, I have a cowlick in the front of my hair, which drives me absolutely bonkers. I have been trying to go for the whole Heather Locklear swoopy bangs thing and my cowlick often times gets in my way so I just flip my bangs over to the other side to get the swooshy effect. really, I do.
Q: "I love the hardwood floors in your house, what are they made of...?"
A: We have circular sawn fir floors, I am kind of in love with them because I can drop almost anything on the floor and if it dings up the floor it isn't even noticable.
Q: "Will we ever learn the names of Hunk and Punk?"
A: I don't know yet. I call them that on purpose because it kind of goes along with the spunk and junk theme. Someday I may share their names, but as of right now I like to think of my accountant hubby as my hottie hunk and my spawn child as a punk.
Q: "What color did you use to paint the dressers in your master bedroom?"
A: Ralph Lauren "Sunwashed Blue." However, Lowes does not sell Ralph Lauren paint so I was able to have the paint guy match the color. So I ended up getting a Valspar paint in the exact same color for half the price. awesome, huh?
Q: "Even though Punk was a preemie is he doing fine now?"
A: Yes, Punk is doing great. He is just a little small for his age. My mighty munchkin is now fifteen months old and a whoppin' eighteen pounds. He walks, attempts to run, gets in cupboards, yells, sings, cries like crazy, and is finally starting to cuddle.
Q: "How can my shop be featured on Spunky Junky?"
A: Send me an email, and if your shop looks like it would be a good fit for Spunky Junky then I would love to feature you!

Q: "Where in Montana do you live...?"
A: I live in a place called Bozeman. It has two seasons--Winter and Summer. This year we were graced with a prolonged Fall which was awesome. Bozeman is always ranked in the Top 10 for outdoor adventure cities. It is known for it's skiing, hiking, camping, amazing fishing (Hunk loves to fish), great hunting (loves this too), and many other great outdoor activites.  We are also very close to Yellowstone National Park.
Q: "What kind of camera do you shoot with...?"
A: I shoot with a Nikon D3000, BUT I also carry around a Sony Cybershot in my purse. I am still figuring out how to use a DSLR camera and so far I am loving all the nifty photo options and gadgets.  My Cybershot, on the other hand, is so amazing because of it's size and picture taking abilities. (FYI there will be a tutorial soon on how to get great photos with a point and shoot camera like the Sony Cybershot....my little sis won a photo contest using one)!
Q: "Where can I find an antique trunk like the one in your living room?"
A: Honestly, I was not that one that found either of mine. Yes, I have two of them. My Mom is an avid garage seller. Her house is chuck full of amazing hutches, gas station signs, and headboards. Both of mine came from garage sales. I think the most she has paid for a trunk was around $30. My suggestion is to check out antique malls, garage sales and Craigs List. My BEST suggestion is to find a small town. My parent's live in a place where there are about 1800 people and the garage sales there are amazing. Why? Well, everyone has lived there forever so they haven't really needed to purge their stuff, when they do though, there is a plethora of vintage clothes, furniture, magazines, and jewelry waiting to be bought for DIRT CHEAP.
Q: "How do you pronounce Halsey...and is it a family name?"
A: I have been asked this question my entire life. no joke. First, no it is not a family name. Secondly, my name is pronounced, Hall-zee. My parents thought it would be freaking hill-arious to give a little, scrawny, bushy haired kid the hardest name in the world for others to pronounce. So I grew up telling people, "Hi, my name is Halsey." People would reply, "Okay, what is your first name?" Oh snap.

There ya have it! Keep throwing those questions my way and I will do my best to answer them....honestly. Honestly.


  1. Yeaaaaaahhhhh Bozeman! Represent! hahaha

  2. Loved reading your Q&A post! I have a new one!!! What did you do with your entertainment center? I guess I didn't think about it when I was there this summer. Your house is gorgeous!! I love your photos

  3. Haha! I love that you are cool enough to have a FYI bout me :)

  4. I loved your post! It's fun to know the little things behind the blogger. I love how you put your flat screen on that trunk, it's such a cute idea!!!

  5. I am feeling ya on the hard to pronounce name. My parents named me "Laurel" which is NOT pronounced "loral." It's "LAH-ruhl," which sounds like you have a mouth full of marbles and is IMPOSSIBLE for children to say. The kids in my family call me Leelee.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I just loved reading your Q&A's, how fun! I love that you have so many people following your blog-that's awesome. Oh and it's pretty cool that I know the true identity of "hunk" and "punk"-I'm privileged..hahaha. We should get together soon:)

  7. Dude, look at you go, Miss Popular :) I am jealous! I LOVE the new design btw, it is simply Fabulous!


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