"Holy Balls!"......

posted on: Thursday, February 10, 2011

...was Hunk's reaction when he walked into the house last night. Earlier that day I was in Target scanning the Valentine's candy selection when a lady walked by with a bag of balls in her cart. I got kind of giddy because they weren't just any kind of balls...
 they were the same kind of balls that are in the playpen at McDonald. Remember those? Haha. I remember when I was little I would pretend I was drowning, then I would pop out the "ball" water and scare my sisters. Yeah, those were the one's in her cart.

It wasn't that I wanted them....Punk "needed" them. *wink

Punk was beside himself with excitement when we got home. He kicked them around and threw them down the stairs and across the house. The novelty had worn off by this morning when he became more interested in a Lady and the Tramp cardboard book.

However, I know that everytime I dump the balls out of their bag that little glimmer of happiness will feel eyes and for a few minutes and he will is content playing by himself....which to me, is worth all the money in the world.

On a more random note...

Last night I made Valentine's Day Cookies with my little Cub Scouts. When I got home Hunk and I decorated the lil' pieces of heaven with conversation hearts and Red Hots. Maybe it is just me but I only enjoy eating Red Hots when they are adorned across a sugar cookie lathered in frosting. weird.
Do you think Hunk will get the point when I give him this lovely?


  1. Yummy cookies :) I love those balls too! I got some a couple summers ago for my little man and his favorite thing is to fill his baby pool up and dump them all in!

  2. lol...your little guys expression made me laugh while holding the ball!...so cute...

    and man...yes...those cookies look good!

  3. FUN!! and btw, that cookie looks totally Yummy!

  4. that picture of your wee one is priceless! So freakin' cute!

  5. I agree with Kelsey, get yourself a small blowup pool to contain the balls (somewhat)!


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