More of that fluffy white stuff and a winner....

posted on: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remember that one time during a complete whiteout I decided to take pictures while driving my car (I guess I did put the camera down during the "complete" white knuckle parts of my drive).
 Yeah, well I obviously didn't learn my least this time there was some sun to brighten the day.

So while the sun did come out today it was still nice and chilly. The kind of chilly that makes thermal underwear fashion.

What would be the most fashionable accessory to go along with nice, red long johns? How about a hat from Jane Henry?
And today, #87 Becky @ I Burned the Brownies has  WON a nifty newsboy hat from Jane Henry!

Yeah, Congrats Becky!

If you didn't win, don't feel sad. Jane Henry is still offering 15% off your entire purchase.
Use Promocode: JUNKY15


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