Tutorial: The Ten Minute Party Apron

posted on: Monday, May 2, 2011

Yeah, this is an apron you can party in.....

Well, technically it is an apron that a two year old can party in, but I am sure you can make one to fit yourself.

For Kam's reception she had the little girls walk around and wait the tables. To make the job seem more fun she had them wear cute aprons.  
 My Mom,with her amazing skills, whipped out ten of these darlings in less than 30 minutes and her design is so simple.
 To make your own party apron:

*Cut out a square piece of fabric. Make sure to round the edges.
*Serge all the edges
*On the top edge of the fabric you are going to create a ruffle. To do this, turn your sewing machine to the longest length, and then make the tension very loose. Then sew a stitch across the top of the fabric (preferably below the serge stitch).
*Then pull the thread at one end to create a ruffle.
*Cut a piece of ribbon three feet long for the sash.
*Now sew the ribbon to the fabric piece
*Once finished  tie a bow using the left over sash ribbon.
*Finally, hand stitch the bow to the apron.
Now grace your favorite princess with a cute new party apron!

Seriously, this will take T minus 10 minutes.

Pinky promise.


  1. how adorable!!!! my friends have little ones, and these will be great a great gift idea, along with a basket of cupcake stuff!!!

  2. That is just too cute!! Great idea!! :)


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