My advice to you.

posted on: Monday, May 2, 2011

Instead of having a sign in book at the reception, Kambrie and Joel opted for business cards that guests could write advice to the happy couple.

I never made it to the table (sorry).

Before I go on I need to fill ya'll in. In my family when someone gets married my Aunt Kath makes them a quilt. Each family then makes a quilt square to go on the blanket. The squares are fun--some of pictures, others have funny anecdotes, and then there are those that have advice.

I opted for giving my lil' sis advice and this is what our quilt square said:


That's it. buahahaha.

Believe me I have tried to fight naked, and I have ended up having to put my clothes back on so I could actually get through the argument. TMI???

I digress.

So here is my more serious advice to Kambrie (and I guess to anyone else that may be married/getting married)....

1. You are always going to wish you had a bigger house, more money, less stress, and more vacation time. Just remember to enjoy "now," because when it is over you'll wish you have savored those times.

2. There's no "how to guide to marriage." Sorry. We are all just wingin' it. What may work for me in my marriage may not work for you. However that is the joy of marriage--learning to grow together.

3.  Compromise will be your worst and best friend. Learn the difference between needs and wants--sometimes what we want isn't what we need.

4. Life is tough, marriage is harder. Learn to fight objectively and know that no matter what happens at the end of the day you still love each other.

5. Do I really need to say more???
6. There is no more "I" and "you." Now, it is "us."
 Learn to make decisions for us.

7. This is true love...

8. the conundrum of love...

9. Marriage is about the good and the bad--
cuddles on the couch, best friend for life, hugs for no particular reason, someone to come home to, waking up in someone's arms. And it is also about toilet paper put in the wrong way, snoring, dirty dishes, clothes on the floor, and who gets the remote control.

Love the good, the bad, and the ug-lay!

10. Perfection....

11. The three best words to never stop saying....

Now go find that honey of yours and give 'em one of those big smooches like on the movies....



  1. Hals I love this post! That is what we did for our guest book as well...and had someone take pictures as people came in, so we could attach a face with the words! It is super fun, and gave me a project to scrap after the wedding! Great advice!!

  2. this was soooooooo good! my husband is gone for the week so this made me miss him even more! the quote from Bob Marley is PERFECT.

  3. Thanks for sharing I loved this post!!!

  4. this post made me stop and think. i've been married for almost two years and there are days that i forget that he's human too. that he's doing everything in his power to provide for our daughter and me. that bob marley quote was amazing. and your always fight naked advice is great haha.

  5. Awesome post! Our 10th anniversary is coming up next week. Great reminders....thanks!


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