And there I was, knee deep in acrylic paint....

posted on: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have you ever had an amazing idea for a project? Like so amazing that you thought is would rock the creative world?

Well, I once had an amazing idea.

It turned out to be not so amazing.

It was more of a crash n' burn project.

I'll explain...

A few months ago I wanted to make my own milk glass. However, I wanted the vase to still look "glassy" so I decided I would paint the inside of a few vases with acrylic paint, which would make the outside still glossy and glass-like.

So I armed myself with ten vases and three large bottles of barn white acrylic paint. I began by squirting the paint into the bottom of each vase, and then as as artist would do I started to rolled it around the inside making sure to put a nice white coat over the entire surface.

I patted myself on the back for a job well done and went up stairs to treat myself to a bubbly root beer float. 

Didn't you know that all achievements need to be rewarded with a root beer float?
In the morning I went downstairs to look at my beauties and this is what I saw.

Holy *#$&@. What happened?

My beautiful faux milk glass vases were no more.

During the night the white paint slid off the side of the glass and found a peaceful resting spot in the bottom of the vase.


I poked, I prodded, I examined, I even tried another coat, but everytime the same thing happened. The paint took the jolly o' ride to the bottom.

Since that distasterous morning the vases have found a new home in a dark corner of my basement. There I don't have to be reminded of my utter failure.

But don't cry my friends, this story does have a happy ending.

About a week ago I got a sweet email from Erin of Beauty and the Beach (catchy, huh)?

She explained that she had a great tutorial that she would love to share with Spunky Junky readers.

When I opened the tutorial I saw...
...this. The answer to my prayers.


She had her own tutorial for painting glass bottles that didn't involve a nice painty sludge at the bottom of the jar.

Her tutorial is amazing my friends--you must see it to believe it~ 

And her pictures are pretty awesome too.
 I would hate for ya'll to miss out on this opportunity to meet my Erin, so head on over there and say, "Hi!"

While you are there check out her amazing skills. Seriously, this chicka was meant to be behind a camera.
 And what do you think of her little girl? Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?

Thanks Erin for the great tutorial, I think it is now time that I resurrect my poor helpless bottles.

Btdub, how is this week's Life is Better with Spunk challenge going? You only have one day left!!!



  1. LOL! You made me laugh, I'm glad you will now have nice beautiful jars too! ;-)

    What a great post! THANK YOU! Since then I have posted 2 more mason jar projects I've done. Yes, I've become obsessed with Mason Jars. True Story.

    1. Erin! I'm
      Planning a wedding and I love love love the look of those mason jars painted in pink.. However I'm having a ton of trouble getting to your tutorial to see how to make this dream come true!! If you could please email me at because I need those beautiful jars in my life!
      Thank you so much!

  2. Off to check out those mason jars!! :) This is the tutorial I was going to use:

  3. I made my own version of a milk glass vase using spray paint...I posted about it on my blog:

    I love the mason jars in that pretty color...think I will need to pick some spray paint up in that same color...would look great outside on the patio this summer!


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