Mom this is for you.

posted on: Saturday, May 7, 2011

I wish my Mom would have told me about all the sacrifices that were included with motherhood.
She always made raising four kids under the age of five seem so easy.

She sewed multiple dresses,
stayed up late finishing school projects, 
helped us paint our rooms,
taught us about garage selling,
let us wear MC Hammar pants and neon shirts,
never admitted the truth about Santa Claus,
listened to our stories about our boyfriends,
taught us to say our prayers,
designed extravagant Halloween costumes,
helped with the ACT's
spray painted my first car,
helped achieve girl (boy) scout badges,
came to sporting events to scream loudly... and filmed all eight laps of the two mile,
baked our wedding cakes,
sang to us in bed,
wiped away our tears,
drove us to college,
taught us to forgive,
made us hug,
sent us care packages,
built homemade parade floats,
let us have hamsters, goats, chicken, horses, dogs, cats, cows, gerbils, fish, boyfriends....
baked school cookies,
helped us find our own confidence,
and always loved us.

It wasn't until I became a mom that I a finally had a glimpse into my Mom's sacrifices.
 And, even though my life is now inundated with teething, squeaking toys, sleep deprivation, unrolled toilet paper, diapers, bruises, Baby Einstein, diarrhea, childproof locks, Finding Nemo, runny noises, Pirates Booty, cardboard books, sippy cups, ba-ba's, banging pans, late nights, throw up, and band aids....

I know that with every bump and bruise there will also be a ten gut busting giggles, tender hugs, gleeful gibber-gabbering, waddling runs, warm cuddles, endless pic-a-boo games, and slobbering kisses.

Thank you Mom for your unwavering love. You're a rock star.

Love you.


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