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posted on: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How are ya'll enjoying Life is Better with Spunk? Did you remember to deliver flowers to someone special?

For Mother's Day Hunk and I gave flowers to each of our mothers. It was a real treat because usually we are not lucky enough to have both of them in town.

A long, long time ago I told Hunk that flowers were worthless because they die. I really shouldn't have said it because now he holds it over my head everytime I say, "Why don't you bring me home flowers anymore?"

Yes, I do love bouquets of flowers (still...hint, hint), but I think there is just something magical about potted flowers. I love watching plants blossom over the summer until they reach a point where they busting out of the pot with flowery excitement!

Hunk's Mom still has a hydrangrea that we gave her two years ago, she has a green thumb--I do not.

Even though Hunk doesn't buy bouquets that often he did surprise me this Mothers Day with an orchid.  I have come to realize that he is not one for making huge gestures of love--instead he opts for doing small acts of kindness which seem even more sincere and heartfelt.

He is kind of crazy about me, which works out well for both of us because I am kind of crazy about him too.

'nuf of the lovey stuff--now on to this week's challenge...
This week's challenge is to visit a park.

It could be a national park, your neighborhood park, or even an amusement park!

Have fun -- I can't wait to hear about your adventures!


  1. What a sweet hubby! Make sure you spray the orchid with a mist of water. I destroyed mine because I was watering the soil. I have a major black-thumb.

    And I think I told my husband the same line about not wanting flowers when we first started sating. Now I'm kicking myself for it. When he *does* buy me flowers he always gets red roses( my least favorite). smh. I've tried to say nicely that red roses aren't *exactly* my favorite but he still gets them every time. They try... but they just doen't seem to hear the whole story.

  2. Your blog is so cute!! I would love it if you would come check mine out!


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