Life is Better with Spunk

posted on: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long time no see my friends!

I fill so elated from all of your wonderful comments and emails. The out pouring of compassion we have received over that last few weeks has been amazing. So many of our friends and family have delivered meals, stopped by to check on us, watched Little B at all hours of the night, and have even cleaned our house when we've been gone (sly lil' buggers).

Yeah, I was mortified when I realized someone cleaned our pigsty-of-a-home. "Thank you" to whoever braved that awful project.


Last week's Life is Better with Spunk challenge was to hand out at least one compliment a day.  I fill as though I get so caught up in my own life that I sometimes forget to recognize others, so this challenge was a real motivator for me.

I am sure I am the only one that gets caught up in my own life. Right? 

 For this challenge I tried to make a sincere effort to compliment strangers and it seemed like with every nice gesture I handed out there was a smile or a gracious "Thank you" I received in return.

Not only did I try to compliment strangers, but I also started to compliment Punk. At first it felt silly to compliment an 18-month-old, but then I realized at some point he is going to realize what I am doing and I want it to be a habit that reinforces positive behavior in his little life.

I think handing out compliments is one of those challenges I need to keep doing because it helps me have a more positive attitude, which heaven help me I need at times.


Are you ready for this week's Life is Better with Spunk? 

This week's challenge will also be a bit inspiring--help someone in need.

It could be as simple as watching your neighbor's children, delivering a meal to a friend, helping someone garden, visiting a sick friend--you name it!


How did last week's challenge go for you? Do you enjoy these challenges or are you wanting something different?

I would love to hear your thoughts...


  1. I will def try to make a more viable effort to help others. And when I do I will think of you! You are still in my prayers and I hope you feel better soon sweet girl.


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