Manscape Weekend

posted on: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This year's 4th of July was more of a manscape weekend. It totally was....even if Hunk tells you differently.


If you are ever in Montana you need to check out this ghastly looking mountain. I know it looks like an excavation project gone wrong, but this mountain actually sluffed off during a earthquake which resulted in the creation of Quake Lake.

It's kind of cool to see.

When the earthquake occured it ended up creating a natural dam, thus blocking the river--hence a lake was born.This lake is amazing because there are thousands of trees still standing out in the middle of the lake.

While in the boat Hunk attempted to go through two trees and we go stuck. HAHAHA! Oh my gosh, he is going to kill me for telling everyone!

We also bopped over to another set of lakes for the afternoon to enjoy the pristine clear water. Cliff and Wade Lakes are gorgeous and I totally felt like I was cheating the system.  The water is crystal clear and the white sandy lake bottom made me feel like I was enjoying a tropical experience without paying for a pricy plane ticket. 

Totally worth seeing! 
When we weren't fishing we were usually enjoying the great outdoors...kinda. While our friends pitched their tents at a nearby campground we opted to stay in a cabin which was about the size of a dog house. Very quaint and mountain man-like.

Our thoughts were that if we had a cabin we could warm up Brecken's bottle, put him down for naps easier, and not have to wake up with mildew dripping on our foreheads.

The cabin lost power so we should have just huffed it in the woods anyway...

 We also managed to make it back to civilization a few times.

West Yellowstone is a fun little town located just outside Yellowstone Park. obviously.

 the locals seem to have a love for making lots of BBQ food. Which is odd considering we are not in the south....

Because Hunk had to be back to work bright and early on Tuesday morning we came back to Bozeman on the fourth.

This town is D.E.D on the fourth. lame-o.

So we strolled downtown, ate some chow, stuffed our mouths with ice cream, and drooled over a fuschia pink Kitchen Aid. Okay, maybe I was the only one that drooled over it.

I have still been having some issues with my ectopic pregnancy so I stayed home, while Hunk to Punk to see the fireworks. This year not only were there fireworks, but a huge thunderstorm was brewing in the background along the mountains so it made for an extra sweet show.

I totally wish I had pictures, dang right ovary....



  1. I'm glad you guys came but I was bummed you had to leave early! One of my favorite parts of the weekend was getting stuck between 2 trees! (Oh and Punk's sticky sucker was HILARIOUS)! Thanks for NOT putting my gross greasy dinner photos on your Spunky I can sleep better:)

  2. What a lovely 4th! The color of the water in that one picture is incredible!


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