posted on: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Punk was being really quiet which is always a scary thing.
And then I heard a muffled cry.
I searched high and low.
Under the bed,
In the basement,
By my bed.
In his closet.
You know all the places that he seems to get drawn to.
Then I thought maybe the noise was coming from the kitchen.
So as I opened up the lazy susan door this is what I found.
Really, do I need to say more?

Who wants Punk for a day? Any takers?


  1. Adorable!! It has happened to me, many times. The one time we hired a babysitter (really cool girl with younger siblings) when we lived in Darwin - she thought playing hide & seek would be fun, she met us at the door saying "i'm so sorry, i've lost one of your children". We finally found her hiding in a top loading washing machine, she's good!! She's now 10 & still fits!! Love Posie

  2. Oh my, this is fantastic! I wonder what goes through their minds when they do things like this. I have enough on my hands with my two, perhaps we can swap them for a day!

  3. How fun! He likes to play and explore ;)

  4. LOL this made my day!

    I love it - I'll have him. I love spunky kids like this :)

  5. Haha! kids! I'd take him, but I already have a crazy kid :)

  6. HAHA! My son was just playing in our kitchen cabinets the other day. He would get inside, say "bye-bye" to me and then shut the door with him insides. Gotta love these little buggers!

  7. I can honestly say I have never found either of my children inside the lazy susan. LMAO

  8. Bwah ha ha ha ha!! I'm sorry, I hate to laugh... it's just that I sooooo know how you're feeling.

  9. This cracks me up - not because he got stuck but because my friend and I were having coffee tonight and discussing how many of our first responses to our kids ending up in strange predicaments was to grab the camera and capture their humiliation before extrapolating them from the situation!

    Too cute and too precious!


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