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posted on: Thursday, September 1, 2011

I grew up with a Mom who would map out garage sales every Friday night. Then early Saturday morning (rain or shine) we would all load up in the car and head out on her treasure finding quest.

Back then I was embarressed when we would pull up to a garage sale. My sisters and I would often crouch down in the back seat all the while telling our Mom to make it snappy so none of our friends would see us.

As I got older her desire for bargain hunting slowly began to rub off on us. I remember going to the university sales under the stadium at BYU, searching for treasures at estate sales, chasing down the latest toy at the Kmart Blue Light Special, laying awake with giddy for Black Friday, and finding the cutest school clothes at  garage sales.

Fast forward fifteen years later....

Even though I still love to go to garage sales I have limited myself because Punk.

Sad day I tell ya'll. 

Let's just say that I have purchased a broken mirror (cause of the breakage may be Punk's fault).
I have also made numerous apologies for my son's erratic behavior.  

And if he is not trying to man handle every breakable object in site he is often bee lining it for the road faster then his little legs can carry him.

In order to maintain my sanity (and save my check book) I have resorted to online shopping.

In my "quest" for great bargains I have found a few online bargain sites that offer amazing discounts.  

Check them out, you won't be disappointed ;)

 Pick Your Plum is a fun site where most products are offered at 50-70% off their original cost. This site is really fun for getting crafting products.

There is always a great deal on wood blocks, metal disks, iron-on tags--you name they've sold it.
Very Jane is a boutique disount site.

 I love how they offer a variety of one-of-a-kind items that would usually be too expensive to buy in the store, but they are marked down to a price that makes them reasonable for anyone. 

My favorite shop is Groop Dealz. Not only do they have killer deals, but they offer a huge variety of items.

I have bought jewelry, a teeth whitening kit,  camera strap, headbands--and a variety of all goodies from this awesome shop!

I have also sold my mum earrings on Groop Dealz as well. If you are interested in getting your name out and want to make a little extra moolah this is a site you should definitely contact. 

What are your favorite online shops (I am dying for some new shopping addictions)?!
Now get your shoppin' on!



  1. I get their emails every morning and look forward to what they have! I too love garage sales but find it hard to go to them with two little ones always running around like Indians. Sometimes I'll drag the hubs out to them so one can shop while the other stays in the car. I just love a good deal!! :) My mom never went to garage sales much - but these days it is all about a bargain!

  2. Wow excellent finds!!!!!

    - Sarah

  3. I like groopdealz. I actually bought a pair of your earring from there.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I had never heard of Pick Your Plum, what a great site! In fact, I ordered those earrings today :)

  5. I am mildly OBSESSED with groop dealz too.... I LOVE me a good deal :)

  6. Just signed up for all 3 of these sites... thanks!!

  7. Just signed up for all 3 sites... thanks!!


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