posted on: Monday, October 3, 2011

 We had one of those slow, non-productive weekends.

The kind where we all dawdled around the house doing this and that. We did take a break from our mundane dawdling to go to the MSU Homecoming Parade (YAY! Go Cats). However, most of the time we could be found lounging on the couch watching General Conference, eating dinner at our friends home (thanks, friends), and stuffing our faces with enormous amounts of carbs and sugars.

Yes, it was one of those weekends.

I had so much I needed to get done this weekend but instead I chose to hang with my little family all the while soaking up the 85+ weather (crazy) and becoming completely shocked when we walked outside to see rain and hail coming down.

Maybe this isn't unusual from most of you, but here in Montana we have two seasons winter and hot dry August. The other two seasons sporadically make an appearance--depending on the year.

So to have 85+ weather in September is odd, to have it is October it is just plain mean to all those hunters out there (including Hunk).
 Anyway, while we were downtown from the Homecoming Parade we stopped off at our friend's house to check out here always fabuless yearly garage sale.

While I lounged around looking and gawking at all the treasures, all the while Hunk yelling, "You don't need more junk" (no sense of imagination that man has....) Punk proceeded to play with Lucy.

He loves dogs.

L-to-O.V.Es dogs.

He sees a dog, he runs to said dog.

Most dogs lick him and love him back.

Lucy did no such thing.

For awhile they just stared at each other, then Punk slowly eased forward touching her softly.

She tried to escape, but she was tied to a table.

He loved her a lot.

She scowled a lot.

She'll love him someday. maybe.


Oh and I don't know about your parades, but ours has walking poop.

Yep, poop.

We bring a whole new level to the word classy.

Thanks for stopping in!

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pinky promise.


  1. I'm so glad you clarified that was walking poop...I was worried!

  2. 85+ weather is sooo normal for my neck of the woods (CA) that it makes me want to cry. If I want it to feel Fall-ish, I have to stay inside all day with the AC cranked lol.

    - Sarah

  3. The poop!!! We didn't make it to homecoming this year, but thanks for sharing the picture of the poop :) My life is now complete!! lol


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