Reupholstering the church pew...

posted on: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It feels nice to finally have my dining area finished.  It was a battle that took all summer long, but I think it finally paid off--I've been eating in there if that counts.


I really wanted this area to be more open and inviting and I wanted to create a space that was original and unique--and I guess I wanted to incorporated a lot of spunked up furniture in the area too.

Because...that's how I roll. 

 So here's the skinny on the pew.

I got it last April and for about five months it sat in my dining area. It clashed with everything; and it had that nice dingy old church smell to it.

very zesty, I tell ya....

I would apologize to people when they would come over. Hunk finally told me to just get my hiney in gear and reupholster the sucker.
When I finally decided to reupholster it I decided to keep the original fabric on the benches for two reasons.

 First, pulling all of the staples out of the original fabric was totally not worth the effort. Second, because the original fabric was thin, putting another layer over the top of it didn't seem to make it too bulky.

Basically a win-win for all.

 Once I started started stapling the new fabric on the benches I used my trusty Stanley Staple. Total necessity for anyone doing at-home upholstry.

This stapler can be picked up at any hardware store and make sure to get staples that can be used for reupholstry. Sorry, I don't know what size I used, the box just said that it could be used with furniture.

Obviously, I am not a professional.

 When stapling, I started from the center and worked my out. This way I pulled all the bumps out of the fabric and I was able to stretch the fabric to the corner to give the benches a more clean and finished look.
When I got to the each corner I stopped stapling about three inches from each corner.
 I stopped stapling before I got to the corners so I could cut and fold over the corners so the fabric would have a more finished look. When I cut the fabric I made sure to cut it straight across. The piece that I cut off ended up looking like a triangle. (My scissor angle is kind of off in the picture).
 Once I cut the tip of the corner I then used my staple gun to staple at the center of the corner.

 The bulky areas on both sides of the stapled area were then folded across and stapled down so they would lay flat.
This was my first corner, I promise it got better as I went along. My eighth corner looked awesome, go figure my camera battery would die at that moment.
And after multiple paint jobs, pinching my leg with the stapling gun, and lots of fights over the blue paint I finally finished my lovely pew.

And if you were curious my paint colors for my dining area are:

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. LOVE this! You are amazing girl!

  2. It looks fabulous! I want to try this sometime, but I have to admit, it intimidates me! You did such a great job:)

  3. It looks fantastic! I want a church pew too. So much seating and different then the average dining chair! Great job!

  4. I love this redo - I am your newest follower. I would be honored if would follow me back @

  5. I just had to say that I loved how this turned out! Who could have thought a church bench could look so good?

  6. Count me in, girls! I also loved the transformation of the old church pew. Halsey absolutely nailed it! With the use of the dotted fabric and paint color, the church pew created a stunning effect for your dining area. You can also use it as a bedroom accent, Halsey! A church pew nestled at the end of the bed will provide a focal point for your room.

  7. How did you actually get the seating and back panels off? I have a similar item that I've been wanting to reupholster. But I'm so scared of taking it apart. I've reupholstered chair seats before but I cannot figure out how to take it apart.

  8. It looks beautiful. I too need to reupholster some benches but do not know how to take the bench apart. Please help with a response. Thanks.

  9. Awesome work!! Been looking to do mine!

  10. How did you get the cushions off and re-attach them?!

  11. Same question! How to remove seat and back?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


  13. I agree, how did you remove the seat back and put it back on? It all feels doable but that part is intimidating!


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