365 Project: Day 11

posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Barnes and Noble makes me happy. I love the sweet aroma of books and coffee when I walk in the store and the sense of giddiness that takes over my body when I scan the new arrivals section.

But what I love most about this store is their desire to provide every self-help book known to man.
Need help cooking? They have the book.
Need to lose weight? They got that too.
In a love rut? Why yes they have those as well, just don't let your Mama catch you in that section.
Need to fung shui your house? They have the answer.
Want your kid to pee in the toilet by 15-months? They got it, but good luck.

Many years ago when Hunk and I first started dating I turned to their self-help section. I was loud and overly aggressive, and I viewed most relationships as a way to score a free dinner and a movie.  Hunk on the other hand was awkward, more quiet, way too skinny, and he used nerdy charm to win me over.

True love I tell ya.

In our first few months of dating we took lots of road trips together. Did you ever go on a road trip with a new fling?

They can be awkward. No one but yourselves to break the silence. No farting because really who can you blame it on? Listening to awful music because you are too afraid to tell your new flame that their choice of music sucks.  Asking the same questions over and over again, knowing that a different answer will never come out of their mouth.

We had trips like this until I bought a book. I guess I would categorize it in the self-help section because it very well made my road trips more bearable and less awkward. It's called "The Book of If's" a real nail biter.

I don't even known if you could actually call this book a piece of literature because its contents included only "If" questions.

I used it as a tool to get to know John better. At first he was reluctant to play along to my new found game. I would often pose a question and his solemn reply would be, "That's ridiculous, no one could answer that question." I would then politely, but sternly remind him that his reply was not actually answering the question.

After prodding and pleading, and maybe the threat of not kissing him he finally gave in and started to answer the before-mentioned "If" questions.

The other day I found my long lost "If Book." Questions that I asked him began to resurface as if pulled from a long lost grave. The book reminded me of a fleeting time where we were still trying to decide if we were meant to be together.

One question caught my attention, maybe it's because I have been stuck at home for so long, or that the thoughts of traveling will soon be put on the back burner.  
"If you were to spend a week anywhere alone where would you go?"

Could you imagine, a weekend alone? No kids. No husband. No laundry. No dinner making. No chauffering.

Sounds like heaven, eh?

Where would you go?



  1. the beach. sun sand and a good book. perfection.

  2. ps. i think we are due about the same time. (May 17th-ish, I say ish because I'm always late!) Love your baby posts and congrats on a girl!

  3. The Hill Country.


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