Stick a Pin in it: 2

posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey friends!

Welcome to my weekly series, Stick a Pin in it. Each week I showcase an idea that I found via Pinterest and I either replicate it or use it as inspiration for a project.

I also provide a link party at the end so that you can link up your fab "pinspirations" too.

Kind of fun.
Last week I posted the above pictures to prove to future generations that I can master a hairstyle other then the french braid.

I don't know why I have always had a difficult time making a hair bun--it always seems to look like a bird nest on top of my head.

Not very flattering, but on a positive note it does usually give this 5'2'' frame of mine an extra few inches.

I did, however, find a few usual tutorials for making "the bun." If you are having troubles too, hopefully these lovely ladies can help you out.

And here is a great video from Sydney, she is a master. She won't let you down...promise...

And here is my favorite pinspiration from the link party!

I went to school in Russia so of course when I saw her matroyshka dolls I was instantly drawn in.

Thanks for all the links ladies!



  1. WAITAMINUTE, you went to school in Russia?

    Please write a post and tell us all about it :) Pretty please - there's got to be a cool story!

  2. and PS I agree with Hunk in the other post, there's both heaven and hell in that smile - ADORABLE! Don't you love sassy kids?


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