365 Project: Day 9

posted on: Monday, January 9, 2012

I don't know about the weather in your area, but it's kind of surreal here. There's no snow. Not really a big deal to a lot of people, but it has also been 45 degrees plus on a daily basis, sunny, and full of tee-shirt days.

And, again, there isn't any snow. 

I'm not complaining, snow isn't really my thaaang.

I enjoy sledding and skiing and the occasional snow covered morning, but the roads. Don't get me started about the roads. There is this policy in our community where they won't plow until the snow has stopped falling, by that time the roads are usually snow packed and icy.

When this happens I become one of those crazy drivers that has my hands at ten and two on the steering wheel, I drive well below the speed limit, and I start tapping my brakes a mile before the nearest stop light.

However, our current weather situation is leaving elated.

This great spurt of warm weather has been my saving grace, usually by this time of year I am going stir crazy with cabin fever and Punk is usually running around like a sugar-crazed maniac.

Which isn't really different than any other day....

So tell me, are we the only ones that are having abnormally warm winter?


  1. I live in Central Missouri and it's been warm here too! It's getting colder but my daughter was able to go outside during daycare, which she LOVED. However, it's impossible to teach a 2 year old that due to weather it's okay to go outside some days but not others.

  2. The thermometer on my car said 50 degrees today!!! The average high for today in Minneapolis, MN is 22 degrees. The record high was 53 in 2003 so I guess we've had warm days like this but I certainly don't remember them! I am LOVING it!

  3. No. I'm in North-Central Alberta, Canada and this time last year, we had about 4' of snow... Today it was 10C (50F) and it should be -4F (-20C)... And we have no snow... Lots of ice (cause it keeps raining) but no snow... It's very weird and we all keep waiting for winter to come!

    Glad you enjoyed the stroll - I know we're usually cabin fevering by now but it's been so pleasant, it's hard to believe!

  4. We've been in the 80's down here in sunny Florida... but our winters don't get all that bad to begin with {45 is COLD!!!}.

    Great photos, looks like a nice peaceful afternoon :)

  5. Its warm here too! I was just wondering the same thing, if others were having a warm winter. I'm not complaining though, I love it! Its been in the 50s lately and no snow yet. I hate being cold and driving in snow. I'd be happy if it didnt snow at all. Well maybe just one time so my little boy could play in it. :)

  6. It's been chilly here in Oregon! But, it hasn't snowed... which is a first!


  7. Here in the San Francisco Bay area, we've had unseasonably warm and sunny days with cold nights. No rain, and no snow in the Sierras.

  8. I'm in Utah and it's unseasonably warm here too! We had a light dusting of snow a few days ago but it melted within hours. I'm still waiting for the real Winter to come. Although, I would be perfectly happy if this weather were to stick around :) Last year we had snow throughout March and into April. since I don't have the time to hit the slopes, I'll take the sunshine anyday.

  9. No! We are too! We're usually completely snowed over with no thaw in sight by now. Decked out in snowsuits and hats, scarves, mittens, until at least April. But we have NO SNOW. And the temps are like in the 50's. It's so weird I can't get over it. We've been to the park numerous times... I'm just so baffled!


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