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posted on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Over the last year, I have been searching for the perfect piece to put in our living room.

Currently, we have our television sitting on an old trunk, it's a great look and all, but I have other uses for the trunk. So for the longest time I've had a vision of a long dresser with multiple drawers to store: movies, controllers, and nic-naks, while also housing the telly on top.

When I found this beauty I wrangled my way into getting it for cheap.

When I say cheap, I mean dirt. cheap.

I kind of robbed the thrift store, but hey a good deal, is a good deal.

When I brought it home, I ran into the house excited and such and told Hunk that he had to come see the awesome dresser that I found.

His first words when he saw it, "It's a credenza, not a dresser."

Obviously he's been holding out on me, I didn't know that under that deep layer of number crunching and accountant talk actually laid dormant a bona fide interior decorator.

He will regret the day....


Here are some of the pieces that I found on Pinterest that are inspiring me.

Thanks for all your link ups as well. My account isn't letting me comment right now, but know that I am looking at each of your projects!

And if you are new to Spunky Junky feel free to link up your projects that have been inspired by Pinterest!

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  1. PS - don't know if I mentioned, but did you know that you started this "stick a pin in it" a mere week before I started my "hmmmm, very pinteresting" posts/party??? Great minds think alike, I tell ya. :)
    Very Pinteresting Party


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