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posted on: Monday, March 12, 2012

 I've been horrible at chronicling pictures for the photo a day challenge so I thought I would try to redeem myself with pictures from last week.
1. Brecken loves to wear my glasses, he also loves to throw them too.
2. Now that packing/nesting has taken over my life I have now been slacking on my mothering duties. Hence, the squirt bottle as a lazy solution for a sippy cup. Punk loved it so I think this Mom should get a pat on the back ;)
3. We finally got snow. Seriously, this weather has been ca-razy.

4. The snow only last a few days though which meant lots of trips to the park this week. While I enjoyed reading a book, Brecken enjoyed eating the three-day-old snow.

5. On Saturday night we went out to dinner with John's best friend and his wife. John and I split a 48 oz. Porterhouse steak--my stomach is still hating me.

I also tried creme brulee for the first time. It was sinful.

6.This generation of kids will be a bunch of smartie pants. Brecken is constantly fighting me for my iPad and he seems to always win.

Sadly, he knows his way around it too well.

7. I've also been reading about the Bradley Method for natural births. If you've done it before I would love some insight.

Hunk is insistent that I take the epidural during labor. I reminded him so kindly that this little lady will be coming out of my lady parts therefore I will choose what to do and what to forego.  After my experience with Brecken's birth and how out-of-touch I seemed to be with the whole process I reassured John that I wanted to create an experience where I would be involved and completely in tune with my body and the baby.

I'll step off my soap box now.

My feet and nose have also begun to swell. lovely.

Stay cool friends.


  1. Actually, I got epidural for each of my 3 births (after waiting as long as I possibly could). I think it allowed me to be much more in touch with the birthing process, because I was able to be there instead being lost under waves of pain. So, if you do end up getting some epidural, don't beat yourself up. Appreciate the whole experience, no matter how it pans out! :) gooood luck!!

  2. the first pic...little man in the glasses, looks a bit like your sister Kelty...just sayin'


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