Princess Pea Photo Shoot

posted on: Friday, March 2, 2012

I have some exciting news.

So exciting in fact that it has taken all the self-control I possess not to pee my pants.

Self-control seems to be a lost luxury for me now that I am seven months pregnant.... 

But ya'll sense my excitement, right?

drum roll......

Spunky Junky got featured in a magazine!

A full-blown magazine with hot fashion tips galore and jaw-dropping models!

I'm kind of blown away right now.

A few months ago I was contacted about putting together some pieces for a fashion photo shoot. The shoot was for T&M Magazine #9 The Pastels Issue and you can only imagine my delight when the photographer and set designer wanted to use my hair accessories.
The shoot turned out better then I could ever imagine.

Tyson Vick, the amazing photographer brought such a soft and lovely feel to the set that truly captured the real beauty of the princess and the pea.

The set design was also to die for--My dear friend Jamie was the set designer and her eye for vintage touches always seems to leave me breathless.
They totally rocked the shoot, right?

And the models? holy gorgeous.  

These are just a few of the photos from the Princess Pea and if you are interested in seeing more please visit  T&M Magazine #9

Luckily, for impatient people like me they have digital copies as well as hard copies so you can have instant satisfaction.


Enjoy my lovelies!

Photographer//Tyson Vick
Set Design//Jamie Vowell
Hair Accessories//Spunky Junky
Make Up//Blush
Magazine//T&M Magazine #9


  1. Wow! The pics look absolutely amazing...congrats to you, you must be over the moon! I'm off to view the rest of the photos!


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