Happy Birthday Kelty!

posted on: Sunday, March 4, 2012

My baby sister turns 23 today.

She's a special soul--seriously, ask anyone.

Kelty lives life to the beat of her own drum.

She names her cars, gives them personalities and I am sure she talks to them frequently. She is a super smartie pants type of chick--but yet she resembles Napoleon Dynamite..

She is a lover of photography and prefers to take pictures via pinhole and Holga cameras. She believes DSLR cameras are for sissies--she's a firm believer in film.

Her favorite movie is Empire Records--a real cult classic, and her choice of music is a bit of the beaten path for my taste, but if I ever want to know what is new and cool...she is the "go to" girl.

She's a lover of Otter Pops, wearer of Converse, promoter of house-trained pet rabbits, and a world globe trotter ta'boot.

She's of fan of hand holding, zombie walks, and a kisser of Brecken.

Happy Birthday KP I love you!




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