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posted on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I've decided to quarantine this contaminated house of ours for the next 24 hours. Addison caught a flu-like bug and I suppose no great detail is required on how my night went down--I'll leave that to the imagination.  There is something to be said about sick babies, their constant neediness and  no direct way to communicate how they feel, it always seems to wear on me like no other form of torture. I've boasted for months how healthy I've kept my kids and myself (John, of course, is the exception) and little-by-little it finally caught up to us. A sniffle here, a runny nose there, a small ear ache, and then, WAH-Bam! a full blown explosion of sorts! This sickness came in with a vengeance, I might add. I'll venture to say that today will be chock-full of cuddling time, brothy chicken noodle soup, and a few misplaced placed hours watching Blues Clues.

And don't mind me, I just realized this post has a whole lot of selfies. I promise I'm really not that into myself. It's this whole new "no shampoo" experiment that I've been chronicling on Instagram.

 Three Things I'm Loving About Easter:
The Alison Show//Painted Easter Eggs
World Market//Ceramic egg crate
*bought a few and they are!



  1. Poor kiddo :( Hope she gets better soon! And I need to hear about this no shampoo thing. I only wash my hair about every 3 days and it's much healthier that way!


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