We are alive.

posted on: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Somewhere between my head is going to explode and my stomach is doing somersaults, John and I managed to pull ourselves from the depths of self-pity and still take care of the babes this past week. It was a sad state of affairs around here, we both sequestered ourselves to our respective rooms and spent most of the week consuming  7-up and an obscene amount of saltine crackers. Poor Addy caught the same nastiness and spent a good portion of her time crying the saddest and more defeated sobs her little body could muster. It was down-right pitiful to say the least. Brecken on the other hand somehow missed the sick train and learned early on that his wish could usually be granted without much of a fight.  Knowing he'd won the battle he took full advantage of the time to watch Blue Clues while simultaneously eating my house dry of Goldfish for a good portion of the week.  

By Friday we pulled ourselves out of a germ-infested cocoon and ventured south  for some much needed family time. It also provided an opportune time for us to shower and become productive citizens once again. If only being sick was my excuse all the time for not getting dressed or showering. ;) So we packed our bags and headed to Cody, Wyoming once again. While neither John or I felt completely well having family around was a welcomed blessing. They loved on Addy and Brecken  all day long which made fighting through the last round of our bug that much easier. 

Writing more would be too easy right now, but it is 60+ degrees in Montana without a stitch of wind or a cloud in sight! The kids or itching to run and their wish is my command. Tee-shirt weather is upon us my friends! 

I promise Easter shenanigans to follow...

Thanks for sticking with us--this bug was a real damper to my writing.


  1. I feel ya! I got hit really bad by the flu bug a few weeks ago and it knocked me out cold. Glad to hear your feeling better :)

  2. Well, you look great... still :)

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  3. I was just thinking we hadn't heard from you in awhile! Am I going to see you this weekend?


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